Giant Cop at Gamescom 2016

VR games could not be missing from the Indie Arena Booth of Gamescom 2016 and one of those was Giant Cop. Besides being able to explain just how much fun it was playing that game, Jordan Galbraith also talked to us with more info about it.

Giant Cop is a narrative-driven, open world game developed for VR. You ARE Giant Cop. It’s your first day on the job and you need to hit the ground running in order to keep the citizens of Micro City safe. Use your size to your advantage as you tower high above the city’s streets enforcing the law. In Micro City’s open world, how you maintain order is up to you! Will you manage the city with an iron fist, or a soft hand?

The game is about you being a 200 feet tall police officer, trying to keep the city safe. It has a narritive story-driven campaign and it feels very much open-world after a certain while. At Gamescom, the company had a tech demo to showcase, where the mission we played had only a 2×2 area to roam around in. That felt plenty enough so I can’t even imagine how open and awesome the full game is going to be.

Jordan explained to us that learning how to develop for VR feels like “everything you know about games is thrown out.” With about 25 people working in the company since 2006, the company has worked on other projects such as RAD Boarding (for mobiles) and is now hoping to bring us Giant Cop sometime in the winter of 2016. It is first coming to Oculus and Oculus Touch and then to Vive. The company has partnered with Oculus so it makes sense that Vive will follow later.

Giant Cop will release in 2016 on Steam.

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