Ghost of a Tale Preview

Those who remember better the late 90s, early 00s, might remember the children’s movie, Stuart Little. If you don’t know the movie I’m talking about, first you are living under a rock and second, go watch it! The story of the movie had to do with a little mouse, called Stuart, who was adopted by a family which their pet cat wanted to eat him. Also, Stuart wanted to really become a true part of the family and for that reason he was mixed up in amazing adventures.

The movie wanted to teach us how being different is something special and beautiful and that, being different should be no obstacle to anyone who has set goals in his life. Even though the movie is not connected in any way with SeithCG’s creation, the power of will and love play the same important role in Ghost of a Tale.

Ghost of a Tale is an action-RPG game in which players take the role of Tilo. Tilo is a small mouse, trapped in a medieval castle as he tries to find his beloved Merra, save her and escape together the prison that has them captured. The game starts in a special fairytale world, having our character escape from his cell and begin his exploration. The game at the moment is in Early Access form on Steam, not fully completed and offers only 26 quests of which only the 25 can be completed.

During the game, we as the players will explore the castle, it’s yard, even it’s darkes dungeon, avoiding traps and the enemies that want to destroy us. In order to face the challenges that stand in front of us, the only weapon we have is the stealth element, that makes sure we stay unnoticed. The quests that we need to complete have exploration as their main goal and finding new allies that will help us as second. In the main and secondary quests we will have to find and collect items and gear for Tilo that are required for a mission, or to improve Tilo’s abilities.

The only thing that keeps us alive and push us to continue is our hero’s stamina, that increases with the right gear, allowing us to survive the enemies’ hits or to give us the ability to run longer. Thankfully, running all the time will not trouble us, as the castle is rich in hidden passages that help immensely with the stealth element that the title wants to offer to the player. Tilo as a character is not a fighter, so in order to face an enemy head on, he will have to create a subterfuge that will trap or render the enemy unconscious, in a way that he is not an obstacle anymore.

The whole world of Ghost of a Tale manages to entrance the player, with the detail that the graphics offer. The music, together with the graphics and the convenient controls are a powerful trifecta that gives the player what they seek from an indie game, managing to stand up to a AAA game standards. Unfortunately a few graphical bugs affect the gameplay a bit, like the camera problem, although it doesn’t happen offen to affect the game’s progression.

The general picture of the game is pretty satisfactory and definitely deserves your time and money. Even in this early form with it’s few qests and small bugs, Ghost of a Tale feels like a fairytale that in it’s every page hides secrets and the yearning to discover them. Our allies, our enemies and our final goal to find our love, excites us for a journey into a magical world.

You can find Ghost of a Tale on Steam at the price of 19,99€

Preview was written by Vasilis “Eniantas” Kamakaris

Translated in English by Dimitris “Dimi Kaye” Kalyvas

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