Get your story published in Thimbleweed Park!

Thimbleweed Park co-creator Ron Gilbert is asking fans to contribute short stories for the mansion’s library. Some books in the library will be written by the developers and they will feature the background of the characters and the story. But in such a huge library there cannot be only this kind of books. The developers felt that they needed some fun added to their collection, so they extended an invitation to the fans of the game to submit their short stories, many of which will be included in the said library.

Your submission must include a book title, the author’s name and two pages of content with 100 words each. The content, of course, must be original and feel connected to the game’s chronological setting, namely the ’80s and also should fall under PG-13 rating. If your story ends up included, your name will be also inluded in the credits of the game. You can find the form to submit your stories here and it is availabe until the 29th of August.

We feel that this incentive is a very good way for the developers to let the fans of their game feel involved in its developement and enhance the final result.

The game is set to be released in early 2017.

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  1. August 19, 2016

    […] Last but not least, we talked about how the developers are allowing fans to contribute to the game, by having blog users come up with suggestions or by even having people contribute to the game through their own fan-made stories. […]

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