Genesis Noir Gamescom 2020 Impressios

Yeah, I don’t know what this game is about, I just click around and cool things happen. The developers say that you play as No Man, a watch peddler and you jump into the expanding universe to search for a way to prevent or destroy creation and save your love. I personally experienced a pretty sweet upright bass and sax battle between two cats that played the will of the universe in their fingers.

No idea if the first note after the Big Bang was an F or a B flat 57 octaves below middle C but this game is very musical and I like it. Probably sound vibrations are the cause of creation in Genesis Noir’s universe, since I scroll with my mouse in the empty void and cities like New York pop up everywhere. I am really not following a story here, I am following an experience. I don’t know who that bass player was, I don’t know why I want to beat him in improvisation but I’m there, connecting and routing for my character, No Man.

No man can really describe this game, I can say it’s inspired by film noir both in the camera direction and in the visual style. I can also say that’s its premise is jazzy, just like its soundtrack. If I sit to do a sterile analysis of the gameplay, the visual style and the whole presentation I would start by saying that the devs know how to put the artistic idea they have in their heads into videogame form. But I definitely don’t want to be overly analytical with this game.

Instead, I want to urge you to try it. It’s very short, no hard puzzles, just click around and drag stuff, and things will start happening. See if you enjoy the experience as I did. If nothing else, you will get some chill moments out of it, filled with beautiful music.

Watch the jazzy trailer here

Wishlist the game on Steam and play the demo here

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