Gamescom 2020 – Indie Arena Booth

With Gamescom 2020 running online this year, the Indie Arena Booth will be a whole new experience!

The fine folks behind the Indie Arena Booth have worked very hard (once again) to provide us indie game lovers with the best possible experience. There will be an online booth and people interested in trying out indie games will be able to log online and explore the digital booth for themselves.

Check out the awesome first gameplay footage that the Indie Arena Booth team has made for the upcoming event.

With a line-up of almost a hundred indie games, there is lots to be discovered and tons of fun experiences to be had.

We here at Hyper Light Up have a tradition for covering Gamescom whenever we are able to and we will be doing so again this year. Only this year, we are pushing the coverage even more and will do our best to bring even more news and impressions from the games we will be trying!

Stay tuned for news through our dedicated Gamescom 2020 category.

See you there and have a great Gamescom 2020 experience!

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