Gamescom 2017 Interviews Recap

With Gamescom 2017 over, we here at Hyper Light Up are extremely happy to say that we had a blast and also extend a huge thank you to all the people of Indie Arena Booth, indie dev teams and all the other lovely people (you know who you are) who made this expo yet another awesome press experience for us.

We conducted a lot of interviews, most of which were from the Indie Arena Booth. This year we had the pleasure of being official Press of the booth and thus did our best to cover as much of it as we could leaving only a few games out.

There will of course be a full recap article with more pictures and a better retrospective look at everything, but till then, you can use this as your hub to exploring all the awesome games that we got to see and talk about during the expo. A lot of websites do “TOP 5/10” lists, but we see the games as art and thus dare not compare anything. We do have favorites, but we would like to give every single one of them the same amount of exposure.

We proudly present you the full list of the 78 interviews that we conducted throughout the duration of Gamescom 2017: (Titles listed alphabetically)

Interview with Florian Masuth, PR person of the Indie Arena Booth team

A Room Beyond by René Bühling

Aegis Defenders by GUTS Department

AER – Memories of Old by Forgotten Key

A Hat in Time by Gears for Breakfast

All I Have is Time by THREAKS

Ary and the secret of seasons by eXiin

Away: Journey to the Unexpected by Aurélien Regard

Awesomenauts by Ronimo

Behind Stars and Under Hills by Rat King

Black The Fall by Sand Sailor Studio

Blind by Tiny Bull

Children of Morta by Dead Mage

Code 7 by Goodwolf Studio

Cosmic Kites by Fishmoose Interactive

Dead Cells by Motion Twin

Dead In Vinland by CCCP

Deep Rock Galactic by Ghost Ship Games

Deru – The Art of Cooperation by Ink Kit GmbH

Dimension Drive by 2Awesome Studio

Distance by Refract

Double Kick Heroes by Headbang Club

DYO by Team Dyo


FAR: Lone Sails by Okomotive (part of Mr. Whale’s Game Service) / Mixtvision

Felix The Reaper by Kong Orange

Flotsam by Pajama Llama Games

FOX n FORESTS by Bonus Level Entertainment

Frostpunk by 11 bit studios

Fugl by Team Fugl

GRIDD: Retroenhanced by Antab Studio

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander by Massive Damage, Inc.

Heavy Metal Machines by Hoplon Infotainment

Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?! by Daylight Studios

INDYGO by Pigmentum Studio

Interkosmos by Ovid Works

JCB Pioneer by Gamescom Ltd.

Jengo by Robot Wizard

Keyboard Sports – The final tribute by Triband

Legrand Legacy by SEMISOFT

Light Fall by Bishop Games

LIGHTFIELD by Lost in the Garden

Lonely Mountains: Downhill by Megagon Industries

Megaton Rainfall by Pentadimensional Games

Moonlighter by Digital Sun

MOTHERGUNSHIP by Grip Digital s.r.o.

Necrosphere by Cat Nigiri

Nightwolf by Cyberpho

Nine Parchments by Frozenbyte

No Heroes Here by Mad Mimic Interactive

No Truce With The Furies by ZA/UM Studio

Nova Nukers! by Lemonbomb Entertainment GmbH

Oh My Godheads by Titutitech, SL

Orwell by Osmotic Studios

Pankapu: The Lost Aegis by Too Kind Studio

Panoptic by Team Panoptes

Rage Disco by Suicide Penguin

Retimed by Team Maniax

Reverse: Time Collapse by Meangrip

RITE of ILK by Turtleneck Studios

Semblance by Nyamakop

Shift Quantum by Fishing Cactus

Slime-san by Fabraz

Sociable Soccer by Combo Breaker

Solo by Team Gotham

Staxel by Plukit

Stifled by Gattai Games

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars by Paladin Studios

Strikers Edge by Fun Punch Games

sU and the Quest for meaning by Guillaume Bouckaert

The Inner Friend by PLAYMIND

The Inner World – The Last Windmonk by Studio Fizbin

The Journey Down by Skygoblin

Think of the Children by Jammed Up Studios

Tormental by Gungrounds

Trifox by Glowfish Interactive

UnderRaid by Dynamic Deadlines GmbH & Co. KG

Unforeseen Incidents by Backwoods Entertainment

So, from here on, you can look forward to the complete recap feature article, where we will talk about our complete Gamescom experience. Till then, enjoy reading up on the interviews for all the awesome games that we had the chance to check out and stay tuned for more from Hyper Light Up!

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