Gamescom 2015 – Day 6 – The Last Tide

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You might have noticed the fact that Gamescom Day 5 is missing, but that is because I took a day off in order to be able to withstand the turmoil of the last day of the event. Not really though, I just wanted to play Netrunner with the local community and it was really worth it because I had a lot of fun!

Last day of Gamescom unfortunately, but it was a blast. I managed to get even more interviews despite the fact that the event closed at 18:00. I roamed around the Indie Arena Booth yet again and managed to get a few words in from some of smaller indie dev teams. There were a lot more people than there were on Saturday from what I was told but that didn’t stop me from approaching some of the indie devs. I did enjoy seeing all of the booth filled with people though, even small lines in some cases for playing some of the games.


So here is the list of people I interviewed on Sunday:

KeokeN InteractiveDeliver Us The Moon
I had the chance to speak with Jeordy Velasquez who explained a lot of things about the development of the game and how the studio focused on giving a unique atmospheric feeling to the player.

Iron WardThe Red Solstice
Even though I talked to the guys since day 1, I only got the chance to interview Hrvoje Horvatek on the last day of Gamescom since I finally got a hold of him. He told me about how the game rewards players for being good tacticians and how single player and multiplayer within the game are two entirely diffrent experiences.

Tequila GamesEarth Core
Marcin Traczyk had a lot to say about the exciting game his company has created. He even went as far as to describe the game as a “AAA mobile game.” I look forward to writing down the interview with him.

Black Zeppelin – Shattered Worlds
Yet another card game but this time with a lot more tactics to it. John Lopez explained how the game doesn’t rely on the card system as much as it does on the strategic placement of the units. “A good player will still find a way to win the fight.”

Whalebox Studio – Goliath
Goliath was a very interesting survival game. I talked with Jeremy Zoss, who is the PR guy for the publishing company and later with Artem Bachkarev who explained a few, more development-specific, things about the game.

Stay Alive Studio – Son of Nor
I loved the game. It might be because I’m a huge Star Wars fan and it felt like an actually well-made Force Unleashed game but it could also be because of how creative the developers were with the concept of the game. Daniel and Manuel went in-depth regarding some of the elements that make the game unique.

Untame – Mushroom 11
Julia Veren-Detar was at Gamescom 2015 showcasing the intriguing puzzle game with the green matter that you can destroy with your left click power. The interview was quite interesting since I was told the studio is comprised of 2 couples.

Sharkbomb Studios – Nowhere Prophet
Martin explained how he tried to make the game as balanced as possible without relying too much on the RNG of cards in order to win the game. He managed to create an experience different than other card games by combining many unique elements that blend nicely into the roguelike genre.

Lionade – Check-in Knock-out
A bunch of Dutch students with an amazing idea. After a lot of playtesting, Tijmen Tio told me that they ended up with a build of the game that is almost ready to go public with Tinybuild’s support.

Pinokl GamesParty Hard
The guys from Ukraine that got the attention of Tinybuild, talked to me about their stealth game, Party Hard, which is about a guy that can’t get any sleep because of lousy parties. That guy, goes on a killing spree, trying to end the noise.

Good Mood CreatorsMekazoo
I thought I wouldn’t be thrilled by new platformer games, but it seems like I’m constantly in the wrong since Mekazoo was one of those that, as Mark Naborezyk explained to me, introduces elements that make the game different and consequently interesting.

Fiddlesticks – Hue
Daniel da Rocha gave me a fast interview because Gamescom was closing down, but nonetheless a complete preview of all the things that Hue has to offer as an indie platformer-puzzle game.


I enjoyed Gamescom 2015 generally a lot. I had the chance to interview some of the nicest people the indie dev industry has to offer and it was a blast being able to see so many different games. I really can’t wait for next year.

Now though, there is a lot of things left to be done. This was only half the work I have to do. Now I need to write down all of the interviews and start posting it on IGN Greece in order to provide the actual coverage from Gamescom 2015.

Anything that won’t get translated in English from another IGN franchise, I will be posting it here in English for all of you to read and enjoy. So stay tuned for constant updates on the blog!


Journal-wise, I will continue updating the blog with all my latest shenanigans from the Netherlands since I have a lot of exciting new things coming up in my life. New uni, new job, new people all around, I think it will be really fun to continue blogging about all these things from here on.

I hope you enjoyed my coverage from Gamescom 2015 and as I already said, this was just the pre-taste, so look forward to the actual interview reports.

Until next time good ‘n’ faithful readers!

-Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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