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Yet another day at Gamescom and Friday was even more filled with visitors. Friday marked the final day of the business area showcases as well and that basically meant that I had to spend as much time as possible there in order to make sure I can get some words from some of the indie developers that were there.

Unfortunately, even though the booths were divided by countries, which made it much easier for me, most of the cubicles were basically closed off and unless you had an appointment, it would be too hard to find someone to talk to. I basically didn’t even bother asking at some of the booths since I saw they were already packing to be ready to leave.

Fortunately, I found a bunch of startup indie developers from Switzerland in particular that were out in the open and more than ready to have a chat about their games. I quite liked the “open-ness” of the booth and I spent quite a bit of time there doing interviews with all of the devs I could find there.

The games-companies I covered today and that I will be uploading the interviews from are the following:

  • Etter Studio – Dreii
    ¬†approached the stands and the first guy to ask me to play was Flurin Jenal from Etter studios who showed me the minimalistic physics puzzle game, Dreii. The game’s idea was really interesting and I hope it sees more publicity as soon as it’s out.
  • Blindflug Studios – Cloud Chasers
    Frederic and Jeremy gave me an interview of the studio together, explaining the topics they address through their games and how they manage to mix the gameplay and environments in such a way that the theme comes more forward.
  • Tourmaline – Onirigami
    I was really impressed by the work of Marion Bareil and Camille Attoord who had a specialized love for hybrid platform games. Their showcased game, Onirigami is a childrens’ game (aimed at 6-10 years old children) that makes use of figurines that the players place on the tablet in order to play. The interview was full of references to fairy tales and other things alike.
  • No Pain No Game – Stories of Djibril
    Sometimes, simple is enough. The developers of Stories of Djibril, prove that through a 10 seconds game that tells the story of Djibril, a being that is trying to save his planet. For a 10 seconds game, I sure have a loaded interview.
  • Ateo – Shiny
    Patric Schmid was one of the most smiling developers at Gamescom and I really enjoyed interviewing him. He told me about Shiny, which makes use of the Oculus VR and how the game offers a new gaming experience.
  • Team Niche – Niche
    Philomena Schwab explained the game Niche to me as a biology/genes related game. The core of the game relies on the attributes of various animals you breed throughout each playthrough and how you manage to survive.
  • Gbanga – Mixed Reality Games
    I am usually not impressed by Tower Defense games because I’ve played more than a hundred the past two years. But the game that Gbanga is preparing caught my attention because it makes use of maps from the real world. I can’t wait to see what they do with it.
  • Mr.Whale’s – FAR
    FAR was by far the longest demo I played that day with a good 30 minutes or so spent on it. The demo was allegedly described as too long by its own creator as well, but I have to say that it was a good representation of what the game wants to show.
  • Alice Ruppert – Panakeia
    After correcting Alice on the pronunciation of the game’s name (because I’m Greek) I had a long conversation with her about all kinds of things on the Indie Industry. She was a cool interviewee that didn’t hesitate expressing her opinion about all the latest things in the industry.
  • Hidden Armada – Mutiny!
    Fortunately, Will Wright was the only UK indie dev that was still hanging out at the business area at that time so I had someone to interview from the UK as well. Will was eager to express all his concerns about the industry and talk about his game in a really joyful manner.
  • Abbey Games – Renowned Explorers
    The guys behind Reus are once again bringing something completely new and exciting and I had the chance to interview them and get a preview of their game. I am really excited about this since this was one of my personal favourites from Gamescom as well.
  • Ragesquid – Action Henk
    Undoubtedly the most enthusiastic developers I’ve met thus far with a really vivid response to every question I asked during the interview. Roel Ezendam explained to me the inspirations and aspirations of the company and I can’t wait to share them with you.


And along with all those indie devs, I also had the chance to talk with a couple developers about some new platforms both for gaming and game development.

  • N-Dream AG – Air Console
    At first glance, I thought it was yet another mini-games platform, but once I had a preview of it, Rafael Morgan showed me what makes Air Console so great. It’s basically launching completely cost-free and it offers a decent range of mini-games that anyone can play as long as they have a mobile phone. Anyone can connect to it and play by using their mobiles as a controller. The interview was quite interesting and I believe that the guys at N-Dream might be on to something.
  • Xavier Selva –
    I met Xavier while chilling for a few minutes at the small lounge inbetween the business area booths and we started talking about various (quite heavy one would say) topics on the indie industry and later realized that we should make it a proper interview, since he was an indie developer himself. Xavier is a restless creative developer that went out of his way to do everything possible in order to create a more streamlined platform for developers who make use of the VR system.

So these are basically the ones I made time to talk to and I can say that I still don’t regret spending the least bit of time talking to all these people. They were all really nice to talk to and each one had something different and interestingly exciting to share about their visions and opinions on the indie game industry.

I am still considering if I should participate in a German Netrunner tournament tomorrow or if I should go back to Gamescom and continue the hard work. Seeing how I only have just a few more companies left now though since the business area will be empty, I think I can safely chill for half a day and then continue the work at the end of tomorrow and all of Sunday. Should be more than enough.


I certainly hope though that it will be enough time for interviewing all of them before the event ends.

Also, I had the idea of asking my chief editor at IGN Greece to create a hub for the news/interviews I will be posting regarding the coverage I provided for the indie developeres during Gamescom so that means that all the companies and their games will get a much more visible publication as soon as they are up. I’m quite thrilled and excited about it and can’t wait to see it start.

I am amazed by both the event itself as well as myself too since I didn’t know I had that amount of resolve to keep going, interview after interview, through the day. It has definitely been a very interesting experience that I’m learning a lot from.

The best parts of my days at Gamescom are becoming the ones that the Indie devs thank me for taking the time to talk to them and actually provide publicity for them in the near (and not so near too) future. I am starting to feel like a veteran indie developer myself now since I realize more and more, how much research I’ve actually done on the indie industry and how much I know about successful and unsuccessful marketing techniques. I feel blessed to be able to work with such kind and approachable people.


Anyway, my feeling for Gamescom as well as those little stories from chats will be part of the closing article for Gamescom, so I won’t tire you too much for now.

I hope you join me tomorrow here again on my blog where I will be explaining how well (badly) I did at the Netrunner tournament, as well as learn how my day at Gamescom was once again.

-Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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