Gamescom 2015 – Day 3 – The Calm before…

> Journal Entry 06 (Gamescom 2015 Series)


Well it’s kind of an overstatement to call it a “calm” since it started to feel like a storm already. Thursday and the Gamescom convention started being open to the general public, meaning that people attended the event by the thousands flooding as a result all of the messe’s booths and corridors. It was so crowded. The usual mayhem happens on a Saturday so I can’t really comment on how crowded it was since the next couple of days might be even worse in that manner.

Unfortunately, I will have to disappoint you and say that I forgot my camera’s SD card back at the place I’m staying and I thus had to store the pictures in the camera’s memory. That means that I will be able to access those pictures when I go back home on Wednesday (probably even later because I have to find the cable).

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop me from going all crazy with even more interviews and I have to say that today was even more fun than yesterday considering the fact that I had so much time to spend in the Indie Arena Booth from the very start.

The games I played and later interviewed their creators were by the following companies:

  • Dieselstörmers by Blackforest Games (GER)
    I had a little chat with Vladymir regarding the two new games, Dieselstörmers and the new party-game oriented Giana Sisters. I can’t wait to post the interview because he was one of the companies that took the most pages of notes.
  • Cosmonautica by Chasing Carrots (GER)
    Dominik was an amazing developer to have as your side-coach teaching you the game. He was really friendly and I really hope people get to love the game as much as I did, because I’ve been waiting for a game like Cosmonautica for quite a while now.
  • In Between by gentlymad (GER)
    That was kind of the surprise for me today since it was the only the game that I had a bit of difficulty finishing after a certain point. The mechanics of the game remind you of VVVVV but soon enough you realize that this is not really the case. I had a blast trying out the game with a side-commentary by the developer himself throughout my playthrough.
  • Sky Arena by Hammer Labs (GER)
    Simple yet so pretty. I am astounded by the amount of good indie party games this year’s Gamescom had. Sky Arena is basically your perfect Starfox, but I’ll expose no more. Not until we get that full interview up on IGN first!
  • Shift Happens by Klonk Games (GER)
    I loved playing the game with Mathias. A true co-op platformer. I am truly excited to get my hands on it myself at some point and play it for hours upon hours with my one trusted for co-ops friend.
  • The Curious Expedition by Maschinen-Mensch (GER)
    An exploration game with a pixel art style that even though roguelike, it felt like each playthrough felt unique and amazing in its on way. I had a really in-depth interview with the devs and I am thrilled to share it with you soon.
  • Kingdom by Raw Fury Games (SWE) + Noio (NL)
    My Kingdom for a preview! Well, soon! All I have to say is, the game is simplistically beautiful.
  • Distance by Refract (USA)
    Survival, racing, story-driven, all combined. How can you get something better out of any of those genres on a game that uses only one of those. Not as good Distance for sure.
  • Goetia by Sushee (FRA)
    I’m a huge nerd for point ‘n’ click games and having played Goetia’s demo and getting a 52% completion percentage, you realize the game has way more than you thought it did.
  • Beatbuddy by THREAKS (GER)
    I did Beta testing for this game about 3 years ago and having loved the game all the years up to even now, I can’t wait to talk to you guys and gals about the company’s new project as well.
  • SpeedRunners by tinybuild games (NL)
    The game that ruined half of my friendship. No, not really, don’t worry. But it was apparent as to how much publicity the game has managed to have lately. More in the interview.
  • Tricky Towers by Weird Beard (GER)
    The guys said they wanted something “no serious” and I’m pretty sure they made it.

All the guys were once again just amazing and I can’t wait to post all the interviews one by one on IGN Greece and then share them here with you guys as well. I really do hope that the articles I will write to report on all the Indie coverage, that I did for the Indie developers at Gamescom, get translated to other languages for other IGN domains so that way the companies get as much exposure as possible. I will try my best for that to happen and I will also give it my best shot on all the articles that will be prepared for those companies.

The experience I received yet again from the Indie developers was that they are extremely friendly and really easily approachable. Unfortunately, when I asked most of them if they had any other press people come around and ask them things like I did, they said “no,” except for a few that did have a couple. In general, from what I realized, none else but me took the time to go through each indie company, one by one, in order to hear what they really have to say about their games and their companies, as well as their opinions on the current video game industry and the constant growth of the indie market.

I asked all of the developers what they thought about the competition in the indie industry since considering the fact that there are more and more unique Indie games are released all the time, each company will have to take into account that it will be harder to get publicity for your game with so much competition. What they all answered me though was totally not unexpected after what I’ve learnt about the attitude of Indie developers. They all said that they don’t see it as competition really and that the people in that community always do their best to attract attention to other people’s work as well and not just their own. It’s pretty great to see that kind of team-based spirit in such a vastly huge community of indie video game developers.

Most of the companies (all of them that have a published game at least) were kind enough to supply IGN Greece with a few giveaway codes in order to have along with the interview that will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Indie developers are generally way closer to the communities than any other bigger title producer will ever be.


Near the end of the day, I was just too tired to continue interviewing people, so I just went and played some more Nova Nukers! over at space orange studio’s booth with the developers and I got treated a sandwich and a nice cupcake treat. Those guys are awesome.

So definitely check back regularly in the next couple of weeks to keep up with all the latest news and all the interviews I had during Gamescom.

Till tomorrow’s article, enjoy your Friday (as I will do!)

-Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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  1. Toby says:

    Hey Konstantinos, (Toby, the non-dev from Goetia here)

    Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to work through all the indie games and for taking the time to chat about it all. Was awesome watching you play (and complete!) Goetia – I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for further coverage from you and will also try to share this post via our SE Collective channels if I get the chance to. :)

    Hopefully see you at another convention in future!

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