Frog Climbers at Gamescom 2016

If you know and love games like Mount Your Friends, then you’d be delighted to know that during Gamescom 2016 we had the chance to meet TeamCrew‘s Andre Bengtsson, who told us a few things about their latest game, Frog Climbers.

Andre told us that the game is basically a party game about frogs wrestling to climb up a mountain. “It is very forgiving, has infinite lives and it is made in such a way in order to keep people close,” said Andre. When asked about inspirations, he told us that the team was inspired by games such as GIRD, which is more slow-paced and tedious, whereas Frog Climbers has been made to be fast-paced and enforce more interaction between players.

Frog Climbers can be controlled with their custom built Joystick table. It features two sets of joysticks that are used to control the frogs hands. While bigger and less convenient than your usual hand controller, this solution offers more immersion. The game also supports regular game controllers.

The team behind the game has four people and the development of the game started about 1.5 years ago. It all started from a student project and then it moved on to win quite a few awards such as the ones during the Swedish Game Awards and the Unity Awards. The team is now developing it in their spare time due to the really good feedback they have been receiving about it.

“Our biggest difficulty in making the game was to make a good tutorial. Teaching people how to play it is always a bit hard. It’s easy for some and hard for others,” noted Andre.

The game is planned to fully release late September of 2016. We will know the exact date soon so stay tuned to Hyper Light Up for more on that.

For more news and announcements about Frog Climbers you can follow the game on its official website, Facebook and Twitter.

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