Fox n Forests Gamescom 2017 Interview

FOX n FORESTS is a 2D 16-Bit style action platformer with adventure and puzzle elements, empowering you to switch seasons on the fly! Set within a mystic forest and its surroundings, FOX n FORESTS is a stunning fable offering pixel perfect Retrotainment and rewarding challenges!

The game is developed by Bonus Level Entertainment.

We had the chance to talk to Rupert Ochsner, the game director of Fox ‘n’ Forests, and in the process find out more about the studio and the game itself. Located at one of the corners of the Indie Arena Booth, Rupert was there to showcase Fox’n’Forests. Rupert explained the game to us as a 16bit style action platformer with RPG elements that plays with the gimmick of switching seasons on command. “The base of the game of course has to do with platforming and on top of all of this we added this extra effect of season changing to make it even more interesting and give the gameplay more depth,” explained Rupert.

The studio behind the game’s development was founded last year by industry veterans who all have about twenty or more years of experience in the industry. After an already successful kickstarter the studio did their best with making their dream come true with it. The dream, as Rupert explained, was to create a game that feels like an old Nintendo classic platformer game, but with all the awesome additions that a new game would have. “Ikaruga was actually our main influence for what we have done with the game’s mechanics, as strange as it may sound,” said Rupert.

The launch of the PC version should be coming this winter and the studio already has thumbs up for all the console versions, so we should be expecting an official announcement on porting to consoles too at some point. “We used Unity 5 for developing the game so it should be really easy to port it to consoles,” explained Rupert.

It is quite astounding what Bonus Level Studios is creating, since Rupert told us that they have nailed every part of the nostalgia hit that they are bringing to players. They have even gone far enough to modify the sound channels in a way that they remind you of a Nintendo classic. With an engaging story, many RPG elements but at the same time a very basic and fun platforming core, we are looking forward to the release of this little gem.

If you want to learn more about the game, check out its Website, Steam Page and Twitter page.

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