Fossil Echo at Gamescom 2016

During Gamescom 2016, we had the chance to meet Phil Crifo and Thierry Boura of Awaceb studio, who are developing Fossil Echo. We played the awesome demo of the game and had a chat with the developers about the game.

Fossil Echo is a short and challenging story driven platformer with hand drawn 2D graphics. Set in a fantastical world and influenced by the Oddworld series, Ico, and Shadow of the Collosus, as well as Studio Ghibli films, Fossil Echo tells the story of a young boy and his journey to climb a giant tower in the middle of the sea. How and why he got there are questions that will be answered via playable flashbacks during his ascent. The game offers over 15 minutes of fully animated cutscenes and the story is told without any dialogue or written text.

We were told from the devs themselves that the game is a story-driven, old-schol challenging 2D platformer with stealth elements. The team is comprised of two people and its their very first game which has taken them 3 years to develop thus far. They also have a composer and a sound designer who are both based in the US.

Most difficulties in making the game had to do with good time management for specific tasks. Most important is the fact that they told us the game had a lot of coverage before release, but as soon as it released the exposure dropped. The feedback however has been mostly positive thus far for it.

The developers told us that they are planning on adding global leaderboards to the game as well now in order to support all the speedrunners of the game. The game will also come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a not-specified date yet.

You can already buy Fossil Echo on Steam. For more information about the game you can check the official website and follow the developers on Twitter.

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