Flywrench Review

Action games like Super Meat Boy are both addictive and frustrating for the exact same reason. They are really, really hard, requiring great reflexes in order to complete a level. However, the satisfaction you feel when a level is done is nearly unrivaled in gaming. Flywrench is a game belonging to this category, made by Messhof, the same people who made Niddhog.

In Flywrench we assume the role of a small spaceship in the shape of a dash. We are floating across a wave which starts from Pluto and goes towards the sun. Our job is to navigate all 170 stages in the game with our tiny ship. In order to do that, we have to manipulate our ship’s movement so it is able to traverse obstacles in the wave.

Our ship has three different “settings”, so to speak. Every setting is represented by a different color and movement. The default setting is the white one, where we slowly float downwards. Then we have the red on, where the ship does a motion similar to a bird flapping its wings, allowing it to gain altitude. The final one is the green one, where our ship tumbles downwards like a baton. During each stage, we will find ahead of us roadblocks made of these three colors. We have to properly use the three settings of the ship in order to survive these roadblocks, because if we touch one with the wrong color on the ship, we instantly die and have to start again.

The main selling point of the game is its incredible, frenetic pace. There is no “get ready” countdown, no cutscene. You click the stage, and the game starts, with you scrambling to see what’s happening in the stage ahead of you whille trying to survive. The difficulty of the game as well as the speed at which obstacles appear in each stage means that you will need to try a level many, many time before you complete. However, the beauty of the game is that, once you figure out a level, it usually takes a few seconds to complete. Just like other similar games, the satisfaction you get once you complete a level flawlessly is amazing. This makes the game a fantastic timesink. Time flies when you play it.

On top of the game’s campaign, there is also a level editor, which allows player to build their own maps and even upload them to the Steam Workshop. This does not only add many more hours of playtime, but also offers a wide variety of levels. For example, looking at the top rated levels of all time, one can find both difficult levels, gimmicky ones and even some that showcase the building skill of the maker rather than the game itself. There are currently about 270 levels on there, so you have quite a lot of options there. Moreover, there is also the option to compete with your friends who own the game and see who got the best time in a level.

Another great part of the game is its music. The game features a fantastic electronic soundtrack, made by artists such as Daedelus, Kuh Lida, Syndakit and many more, making the game even more enjoyable to play.

The one thing I wish was a bit better in the game is its graphics. I don’t really mind the artstyle, although it’s not something groundbreaking it is more than enough to enjoy the game. However, I found the constant flashing of lights and colors, along with the game’s font, very, very tiring. This made me want to take short breaks every now and then, because I couldn’t focus anymore. Granted, I wear glasses, so it might be that this is the issue and people with 20/20 vision do not have this issue. Even so, I honestly wish there was an option to dial the graphics down a bit.

Apart from the graphics issue, the game is great fun. While it doesn’t add many new things to the genre, it can still hold your attention for a long time, providing you with a lot of challenges to overcome. For this, combined with the fact that the game can run on anything, Flywrench is certainly a good addition to your wishlist.

You can find Flywrench on Steam for 10 euros.


Flywrench provides us with a fun experience, filled with furious keyboard mashing and swinging your fist in the air in victory. Its frenetic pace can make even the toughest players balk, and it deserves at least a look from you. Be careful though, its graphics might not agree with you.

+ Fantastic, quick gameplay.

+ The level editor.

+ The music.

Graphics issues.

Score: 8/10

Philip “Snowchill” Alexandris

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