Fission Superstar X – Preview

Sometimes we get to play games that are something entirely new. Sometimes, we play games that just remind us of others. Well, Fission Superstar X is more the second, rather than the first. Let’s see why though, through our short preview of the game that is coming out sometime in the first quarter of 2019.

If you have played any space themed roguelike then you will feel right at home as soon as you launch Fission Superstar X. The main goal of the game is to basically pilot our ship through various situations in procedurally and randomly generated environments and galaxies in order to just keep improving non-stop. Sounds familiar? That is because it is.

We’ve experienced this sort of roguelike experience in many other games but you’d ask; what is it that makes this particular special and worth trying out as well? The simplest answer would be, just because it is fun.

The game offers little variety in gameplay since we get to do the same kind of shooting sequence as we try to reach new destinations, but other than the cool bosses that we get to face from time to time. This repetition is nicely covered with a bunch of things to do in-between though, things like recruiting new crew members, buying new spaceship equipment or upgrading the skills of your crew.

This might not sound like a lot but that is what makes Fission X Superstar a fun game, the fact that it is a straight-to-the-point space themed roguelike game allows it to shine even without loads of content to back up the somewhat repetitive gameplay. The art style comes in to also give interest to everything in the game so we end up with a very much all-rounded roguelike title.

We of course only tried part of the game, so we will have to wait and see how the full game is going to look like once it is released.

Until release, make sure you wishlist and follow the game on its Steam page.

~Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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