Feudal Alloy – The quest to help old robots.

Feudal Alloy is an action adventure title by two-member studio Attu Games, featuring fish-controlled medieval robots?! It releases today for Steam, GOG, and Nintendo Switch, so like an well oiled machine, we bring you our review today as well.

Upon first loading up Feudal Alloy, I was immediately reminded of the metroidvania’s of old, the branching paths that loop back around, the hidden secrets, the map being a complex scribble by the end of your first adventure. What really helped suck me into the experience though was just how amazing the entire game looks and sounds.

The art looks soul catching yet completely hand drawn? Being colourful and vibrant but also highly detailed, even the characters hand drawn map conveys more information then you initially expect. The music by Mattew Steed also adds greatly to this ascetic, with tracks that make the idea of being in a medieval robot era all the more believable.

Oh dear… Maybe i should of stuck to my day job…

The story is pretty basic but it does a good job of setting up the adventure. Attu is a simple farmer robot, who takes care of old retired veterans from the great war. He tirelessly works the fields to produce oil to keep the veterans gears functioning, one day though it’s stolen by bandits and Attu must venture out to get it back.

All Hail! The shop keeper that stocks oil!

Wasting no time at all, it quickly has a compacted introduction into the world of Feudal Alloy, explaining the addition of a robot overheating system that governs how quickly you can attack back at opponents before thrusting you out into the world to explore. You’ll of course gain additional abilities from skill trees, items, weapons, gear and other intriguing devices along the way. Their introduction however never seems to upset the flow of the adventure,

What also helps this adventure along is the checkpoint system, although there isn’t major consequences for death in Feudal Alloy, having useful areas that also allow you to gain complete health. Means you can focus more on the encounters with enemies and juggling your robot temperature, rather than if you’ll find another pit stop where you need it most.

So many items to chose from.

The Verdict

Feudal Alloy is a well produced and deep title by Attu Games, it boasts stunning visuals and fluid traversal of it’s beautiful world.

Our thanks goes to Attu Games for providing us with a rusty sword, as well as a copy of Feudal Alloy for the purposes of this review.

Feudal Alloy Available for a steal at 16.99 USD or your regional equivalent, on Steam here.

+ World, Art style and Music

+ Reasonable price

+/-  Simplistic combat designed for flow.

+/- Not an incredibly difficult title

Score: 8.3/10

~Aaron Nicholls

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