Featherpunk Prime Review

During a nice and sunny day, when the birds were chirping and the flowers were blooming, while everyone was minding their business and there was a chill atmosphere, a spaceship comes out of nowhere with an evil squad coming and abducting your friends. It’s at this point that you think “thank god I was not abducted too” but then you also realize that someone needs to take care of the problem now. So you arm yourself with everything you got and start moving and killing everything you see in front of you, since that is the best way to get things done. All of this is twice as fun of course when you are Cyber-Flamingo and you are fighting in a futuristic world, like the one in Featherpunk Prime.

Featherpunk Prime is the latest creation of Super Hatch Games and at its core, follows the footsteps of the metroidvania inspirations. Inside the game, players take the role of a Cyber-Flamingo that is armed to the brim. Cybirdroid has kidnapped the Flamingo’s species to use on experiments and therefore your goal is to rescue them. Throughout the game, we get to explore 50 different rooms that are each separated with 4 checkpoints. Inside those rooms, which are quite small in size, we find various challenges and lots of enemies to exterminate. Even though most of the times we could just run to the exit without spending time on the enemies (unless we don’t have to defeat a boss that opens a door), battles are very fun and challenging, with a rather small range of different enemies being present in each room.

Regarding the AI of the enemies, their movement limits them to only certain patterns that they can follow but as soon as we become visible to them, they start running towards us with our only way of saving ourselves being to blast them away. The bosses in the game are of course ten times harder to defeat and we in most cases have to try to avoid their gunfire in order to survive. Once again, blasting them away is our only solution.

The arsenal provided in the game is very pretty looking but it also provides an interesting range of weapons that we are used to seeing in many similar metroidvania games. Our character can carry two weapons with the ability to switch those at the start of each level with the random choices that the game gives us every time. Parallel to the weapons, the player also has two power ups, one being a bomb that clears the room and the other being an overdrive mode which provides a boost for a limited amount of time during which time we can deal extra damage. All of these can of course be upgraded the more we progress in the game.

Every metroidvania game that respects itself, of course follows the same kind of patterns in certain things. Featherpunk Prime is no exception and its futuristic environment gives it a very unique characteristic that fits perfectly with many other aspects of the game. Even though the game does not have plot that will leave us in awe, it does give us a very strong doze of action with gunfire literally being on fire throughout most of the game. The aesthetic of the game that acts as the main dish of the game is by far the satisfactory challenges that bosses provide us, which are all spiced up to give us a very fun experience. Together with the well implemented action music, we are basically dancing to the action.

Even though we see metroidvania patterns, which allows us to give us a certain kind of experience through this genre, we unfortunately do not see many other unique features. This is not necessarily something negative, since being “just a metroidvania title” is also a good thing and for most hardcore fans, this is just enough to enjoy its maximum potential. Personally, the thing that left me a bit disappointed were a couple cutsecenes throughout the game that just did not feel up to par with the rest of the game’s graphics and the general lively feeling that we have.

Featherpunk Prime is now available on Steam at 9.99€


Super Hatch Games followed the motief of metroidvania games and made something with features that everyone expected to see in it. Featherpunk Prime gives us a rather pretty world with a very interesting and fun challenge that moves in the standards of a known genre with no new uniquities however. This allows us to revitalize the metroidvania fan inside of us with new experiences though. The company did its best to enhance that experience and it shows in most of the parts of the game.

Score: 7.6/10

+ The atmosphere is very good on both a visual and aural level

+ Strong challenge

+ Plethora of guns and upgrades

 Stays “too true” to the genre without offering something new

 Not so well done cut scenes

-Vasilis “Eniantas” Kamakaris

(Translated by Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis)

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