Everhood – Preview

Now I’ll be perfectly honest with you all, I have never done drugs in my life. But I assume that this game ‘Everhood’ is what some form of drug trip is like. The colours, the sounds, the displacement from reality, it all mixes together to make an experience that is both interesting and unsettling at the same time.

I went into this demo with an open mind but after a short but weird intro, I immediately knew what I was in for. This game wants to be like that one game with the skeletons, and the memes, and the existential dread. And after a short while I was getting nothing but those vibes.

But along came the combat which knocked me out of this trance, slightly. It is kind of like guitar hero except you are avoiding the notes instead of hitting them. You dodge and jump over notes played by your enemies as the soundtrack in the background fits with your enemy’s attacks. Story-wise I couldn’t tell you exactly what is happening as I have no clue.

All in all, this game has a unique combat system and the potential to differentiate itself from the giant slime creature sucking everything into itself that is undertale. It just needs to find out how it can do it.

~ Lachlan Lamey

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