Epistory at Gamescom 2016

Epistory, the beautiful typing game by Fishing Cactus was also at Gamescom 2016 and we had the chance to play the game and also talk to a few members of the team, behind its development, afterwards.

Epistory follows the muse of an writer suffering from the dreaded “writer’s block”. The muse, a girl riding a fox, starts on a blank page – an empty world, which soon, by the actions of the player starts to take shape and reveal its mysteries and its challenges. Since the game is controlled exclusively from the keyboard, it adapts to each user’s typing speed and other preferences so that it delivers an equal experience to everyone. Fight epic battles, solve puzzles and exlpore a majestic origami world!

The developers told us that the game is an adventure game that one would call something that would happen if “Zelda and Typing of the Dead had a baby.”

The studio began back in 2008 and Epistory is its first own developed game. Before that, Fishing Cactus would be helping other companies on other projects. It basically all started from 4 people in a garage and now there are 23 in a building that is owned by the company. The game however was made by only 4 people.

After 1 year of development, the only difficulty they had to face was how they would explain to the player the complexity of the art, but even that was solved thanks to a very nice explanation through the story of the game.

The most important thing to know at the moment is that Epistory has Steam Workshop support, meaning that anyone can implement his/her language into the game. Being a huge fan of typing games, I am actually quite excited to review Epistory quite soon.

Epistory released on Steam on the 30th of March, where you can purchase it for 14,99€ or along with its soundtrack for 17,99€. Additional information can be found on the game’s website.

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