Epic Tavern Release Date Announced

Epic Tavern is a tavern management simulation with high-fantasy RPG storytelling. Developed by Hyperknetic Studios the game is described as “a frothy concoction of classic role-playing, roster management, and social simulation”. Epic Tavern was successfully funded on Kickstarter and now we have a release date.

The game “will begin pouring frothy pints of high-fantasy RPG storytelling on PC via Steam Early Access on September 7th” and the players will be “managing a legendary tavern where they serve drinks, recruit adventurous patrons and send brave parties on legendary quests.”

The description for Epic Tavern is definitely interesting and we are Hyper Light Up are always excited when cool ideas are merged together to create a game. The fact that Hyperkinetic Studios is founded by three industry veterans with AAA experience suggest that we might have a pretty polished game in our hands. We can’t wait to play this.

To find more about Epic Tavern you can visit the official website. Make sure to drop by Hyper Light Up for a preview of the game.

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