Elena at Gamescom 2016

One of the VR games at the Indie Arena Booth was Elena. Made by CatchACat firstly for PC and then VR, we managed to try out the game and then the developers found some time to have a chat with us too.

Elena is an atmospheric first person exploration game in which the player can discover the story of a young couple. The player takes the role of Anna and has to find out what happened to her husband. In cupboards and drawers she can find items and documents that reveal the truth. With the help of a mysterious caller she embarks on a search for an explanation for her husband’s disappearance. Experience Anna’s story, explore her home, draw conclusions – to finally discover the secret.

“The game is a 1st person exploration game that puts you in a mystery adventure. It all started as a student project and in the 1st semester we had it playing with keyboard and mouse, whereas the 2nd semester it worked on VR. The game has been in development for the past 1 year. The studio has 10 people at the moment.”

The developers are working under the label CatchACat and with the help of LabOne48 they were able to push the game out to the public and publish it.

We were told that there were some issues with the porting of the game from keyboard to the HTC Vive during development since “this was new technology for us,” as the developers told us. At the same time, this is the game’s first GC demo and we were told to expect a release in winter 2016. “Our game may not be for sale but it is still available for anyone to check it out during Gamescom 2016.”

Elena will release on Steam in 2016 and for more news and announcements about the game you can follow the title on it’s official website and Facebook.

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