Edmund McMillen Announces His New Game

After teasing a new project last month, Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen, along with Tyler Glaiel, have announced a new game called The End is Nigh. (you might want to put on headphones before watching the trailer)

The End Is Nigh features Ash, one of the few beings to escape a world ending event, and his quest to make a new friend. According to Edmund, the game will be a sprawling adventure platformer where you will die a lot. Apparently, it is the biggest project Edmund has worked on, as it includes 600+ levels, 12+ explorable chapters and 80+ achievements.

You will also be able to collect video game cartridges which function as mini-games with their own achievements. You can also collect tumours, although we have no idea as to why you need to do that or how those will be useful. All in all, the game seems to bear Edmund’s traditional touch of macabre and disturbed content, which we all have enjoyed thus far.

The End is Nigh is coming out on July 12th, and you can already take a look at its Steam Page.

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