DYO Gamescom 2017 Interview

DYO is a local co-op puzzle platformer for two players. Play as two minotaurs trapped in a maze. Merge your split-screens to find new ways to traverse each level.

The game is made by Team DYO.

In the Indie Arena Booth, during Gamescom 2017, DYO was showcased as well and we managed to find Max, Fabi and Raguar to talk to, so that we can learn more about the game and the studio behind it.

The developers told us that the studio started when they met during their game design studies. The goal was to make local multiplayer games since they loved those kind of games. DYO is a two player platformer game with a very unique mechanic. The mechanic is hard to explain in words but if I were to give it a try, I would say it has to do with having the splitscreen having a couple gimmicks that help with solving various platforming puzzle in the game (things like having one of the two screen fixed or being able to cross over the split-screen).

“You are basically shifting the entire architecture of the level that way,” Max explained. The team has spent that last three years developing the game and they also told us that games like Portal 2 have been a huge influence for creating DYO. “The puzzle solving through portals is most definitely something that helped us develop the puzzles in our game.”

The game is almost ready and it is planned to release on Steam sometime near the end of the year. From December onwards, the studio says they will be looking at porting the game to consoles.

They also exclaimed that “it is great to be here” and that “never before have we seen so many players,” explaining how much they loved being part of the Indie Arena Booth. “We have received a lot of good feedback for our game and especially because of the Indie Arena Booth, we were even able to meet other developers.”

Take a look at the game’s Facebook and Twitter for more.

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