Dusk – Shoot first, ask questions never.

There’s no way I would be able to lead a real cult, at least not until I complete “the device”.  But if I did start a cult for fun it would be a cult in which all followers have to do is admit to themselves that all cults are pointless and refuse to join, we are ‘the paradox movement’ and “our mission is to refuse this mission.”  All of the time cults are seen as these massive congregation of people worshiping something that has little to no meaning or value in the grand scheme of things. Or they’re seen as a smaller group of people that are obviously into some messed up scheisse involving sacrifices and black magic and all that jazz.  And that brings us to ‘DUSK’.

It shouldn’t be a secret if you read my “Project: Warlock’ review that I love FPS games. I always have. The whole deal of being in the shoes of the main character and when the shooting is done right it all blends together in a beautiful blood flavoured milkshake. And ‘DUSK’ manages to pour me another glass of this delicious gib-filled beverage.  The pistol, shotgun, hunting rifle, and everything in-between just has the things that make an FPS satisfying as they hit hard, and just feel nice to shoot.

Story? HA! This game is meant to be old school, story isn’t important, so I’ll try and fill in the gaps that my dumb brain left out while skimming the walls of text that present the story (note: I actually paid attention I am just doing a comedy here). You play as “Raymond G. Duskquire” AKA. “Duskguy”, a lone adventurer and journalist looking for a scoop and possibly some riches around the supposedly cursed rural town of ‘Dusk’. However, upon arrival to a nearby farm to interview some of the locals he is immediately knocked out and dragged to the cellar to be prepared as the next sacrifice. After breaking free, He swears to end the entirety of the cult as they are clearly up to some occult tom-foolery. Along the way, choosing between the life of his loved ones, and making the biggest story in history… or something like that I guess.

The experience as a whole was similar to that one time I went on a school camping trip. In an unknown area, surrounded by things that want to kill me, the anxiety setting in and all of a sudden, my pants become a new shade of brown. This game has its moments from the great boss fights, to the times where you pick up a new weapon and a bunch of soon-to-be-corpses spawn in just for you to test it out. The entire time I just wanted to keep going, and unlike the camping trip, I enjoyed it thoroughly to the point where I would recommend it.


“This game is good, great even. It just makes me feel things that a person should not feel just from playing a video game but hey, I’m weird. “

+ From what I can tell from what I played, No spiders (not 100%)

+ Amazing gunplay

+ Nice retro feel

– The whole unlocking of the y-axis in the air can get a bit disorienting at times but I mean, style points am I right.

– The soap is too weak and needs a buff (it does 100 million damage)
(Comedy am I right)

Score: 8.9/10

~Lachlan Lamey

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