Dungeon Souls Leaves Early Access This Friday

Dungeon Souls by Lamina Studios is a very addictive dungeon crawler and it became a hit with 89% positive reviews on Steam. Finally, the developers completed the game and Dungeon Souls leaves Early Access this Friday.

On its release the game will feature a more in depth crafting system, trading cards, Steam achievements and local co-op. Also, online multiplayer is scheduled for the coming months with an Xbox port too (and possibly a PS4 port).

The game will go live on Friday with a 15% launch discount and the soundtrack will be available for purchase at the same time. Lamina Studios are running a contest across Twitter with 10 winners and a grand prize of 100$ of Alienware goodies, so follow them there to learn more.

We reviewed Dungeon Souls here in Hyper Light Up and we actually loved it. Go check our review and then go to Dungeon Souls Steam page and buy it. It’s definitely worth it.

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