Dungelot : Shattered Lands Review

For all of us who read books, play board games with wizards and knights and generally deal in the world of fantasy, in battles from D&D or MMO games, we’ll find challenging dungeons full of dark monsters, traps and of course the final boss that is the last obstacle between us and the ultimate salvation and the eternal fame that awaits our characters as the warrior – slayer. The bosses are always the best extra part in dungeons and many times we meet them as giants, dragons, kings but even as a zombie cow as it is for Dungelot: Shattered Lands’ case.

Dungelot: Shattered Lands is the creation of Red Winter, a company comprised of two people that hail from the far away land of Russia. The game is one of the many that tiny Build has on its catalog as a published which is something that from the very first moment made us understand that we are dealing with a very good title, since this particular publishing company has many unique indie diamonds in its quiver. The game has the basic logic of a Minesweeper-esque roguelike where players choose one of the 4 available characters (Paladin, Vampire, Witch and Bard) and set out on a long journey with the goal of confronting every sort of danger that is waiting for them in every dungeon they enter.

The truth is that in the start of the game, the player gets to set foot in these dungeons as a Paladin while the rest of the heroes are scattered in the game waiting for us to free them from the bonds that keep them captive. The game in its entirety is separated into 3 acts with 18 dungeons for us to dwelve in. Each of those dungeons follows the same logic, with the difference being the number of rooms as well as the level of difficulty they have. The rewards of completing a dungeon though scale with the difficulty of it too.

In each dungeon, the player, following various rooms, he begins to explore various available blocks in search for a key that will give him/her access to the next room. Each brick hides its own secrets with those having the possibility of being items, enemies, but also traps and advantages for the player. The positive or negative about the traps and the advantages is that they don’t stay permanently in the game since they dissapear after a certain number of moves. This however makes it somewhat difficult if we end up on an enemy that likes to block us from certain paths. Our only choice in that case si to defeat him in order to get past him. The advantages though usually allow us to deal more damage to our enemies whereas the disadvantages that we get can either cause damage to us or not allow us to use certain items and powers.

When it comes to enemies, those differ in every act since they are all in different locations. Some of the more common monsters though are seen more than others. Depending on the kind of hero we have in our control, we can fight them with our basic attack, our spells and some items that we find on various blocks. The power of our weapon scales with the modifier of our attack at the moment and can be upgraded with various items, special blocks or even some of our spells. We can also donate gold in order to create a buff that will follow us in our next dungeon.

The floors of course do not only possess dungeons but also some mini games or stores that allow us to resupply our hero with items that are to be used for combat or for crafting. Even though the dungeons have different levels of difficulty, that will reward us for that difficulty too by giving us armor, weapons and points to upgrade our stats, the problem of the game is that it becomes a bit repetitive. That occurs mostly because every floor has a high number of rooms with a lot of enemies that we’ve fought before. Despite the many mechanics that the game offers, making it a very rich experience, the tapping part of the gameplay might tire some players making us feel as if we want to be done with the game faster. For the players that think the game might not have enough for them though, there are also challenge rooms where the player is put in a fight for survival.

The thing that I personally enjoyed the most in the game (even though I already mentioned it above) was that the player is awarded in the right way, making your character powerful so much through rewards as much through upgrades in the mansion through gold that we collect in order to better enjoy the experience of the game without losing interest in it. As a complete experience, the game is going in good and wanted paths for the players and it is ready to give a unique look to dungeons, explaining its position within the other gems that tiny Build has in its catalogs.

You can find Dungelot : Shattered Lands on Steam at the price of 9,99€


The development result of Red Winter, Dungelot: Shattered Lands, is a very fun rogulike game that aims to keep you company for many hours, which even though might seem repetitive, will keep you interested through tons of content for the player to explore, use and destroy, depending on each situation. If you love dungeons (and who doesn’t?) and you believe you are the strongest warrior ever, then take your chances with Dungelot.

Art style

Game mechanics

Variety of items

The rewards for the player

– Repetitive dungeon floors

Repetitive enemies

Score: 8.6/10

-Vasilis “Eniantas” Kamakaris

Translated by Constantine “Kelfecil” Christakis.

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