Drake Hollow Review

A game about letting someone run wild with endless possibilities has always been in a player’s mind, thus sandbox games became a thing. But does Drake Hollow deliver on that experience?

You can find this review in video format as well.

Drake Hollow is a game that tries to be a sandbox, an objective driven game, but perhaps tries too hard on being both. First impressions were great, astounding visuals, a story to tell through the crow, or by finding pieces of papers around the islands. What surprised me the most was the fact that it had quite the variety of weapons from the start. Not to mention that every build was a small triumph, letting us level up our little friends, and reinforcing our base to protect us from enemy raid attacks.

Unfortunately that didn’t last long. After a while we came to the realization that not only had we ran out of resources, but had no actual efficient way to get them. The game quickly evolved from a state of trying to level up our base, to searching our pockets for just a fraction of materials. That got us down quite a bit, seeing how much potential this game has, we quickly got bored of it and moved on with our day.

That doesn’t mean there is nothing to praise it on though. The game offers you a really fancy way of moving around the islands. That certain way being the waypoints, a.k.a. , ziplines. The combat system is a basic one, letting you jump right into action with no second thoughts, but that is why it’s also a gem. Another thing to point out are the soundtracks. Usually a soundtrack can either make or break a moment, and in Drake Hollow it certainly got us in the enviroment of a relaxing, but interesting adventure.
This is certainly a game with potential, one that can either sprout into a unique sandbox game, or fade away trying. Drake Hollow’s release date is on October 1st 2020, my only hope is that it receives a day one patch that will address some issues, because it truly has potential, it just needs a little bit of boost. Only time will tell.

You can find Drake Hollow on Steam.

You can watch the game’s trailer here.

You can follow the game’s news on The Molasses Flood website here.

~Alexis “Heharu”

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