Down to Hell – Preview

Dragged to hell your Knight of choice must struggle to survive it’s heat intensive climate in a side scrolling hack and slash 2-D adventure. What’s the difference between, Down to Hell by Red Dev Studio and every other hack and slash game though? METALLLLLL!

At first things progress smoothly in the afterlife slashing through daemons and flying horrors alike with glee as you go about admiring the blood covered landscape. Something becomes a miss the longer you descend into this nightmarish hellscape though, as the early build is still riddled with some rough edges. Clunky controls, looping soundtrack and lack of unique variety in the combat, being the main places the game is let down just before the finish line.

Down to Hell has the potential to be a good title however, but it needs more time in the depths of hells oven, to reach that refined hack and slasher title it wants to be.
Time will tell if the steal is powerful enough to slay daemons.

Down to Hell can be found in steam early access for 14.50 AUD or your regional equivalent here.

Thanks goes to Red Dev Studio S.A. for providing us with a copy for this preview

~Aaron Nicholls

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