Divide by Sheep Review

Remember that riddle where you have a batch of hay, a sheep and a wolf and you have to ferry them to an island without one eating another? If you do, good news! You now know how to play Divide by Sheep, a puzzle game where you have to lead sheep (and sometimes wolves) which hop from little island to little island, in order to get them to a boat, where they can be saved. Why do this, you ask? Well, it’s simple really. You see, the Grim Reaper has flooded the woods that the sheep lived on, so we must rescue them!

The gist of the game is quite easy to get. Your job is to navigate a flock of ship through islands into a boat. The thing is, each island only has a set number of tiles for sheep to jump into. If you have five sheep on an island and you jump to a three tile island, two sheep will fall in the water. While this may seem disadvantageous on first look, the way you get stars in each of the game’s stages is to get a set number of sheep onto a boat. For example, you might have to first get two sheep on the boat, then five, then four. This means that you have to make good use of the islands in order to get the correct amount of sheep on the boat.

One thing I really loved about the game was the way that the gameplay was explained. Instead of a tutorial, most of the info on the game is given to us through these adorable cutscenes. which inform us of new mechanics. While we are on that topic, Divide by Sheep manages to keep us interested on the game because of said mechanics. While the game starts out simple. every once in a while we get to see a new mechanic added. For example. we have wolves, which not only do we need to get onto a boat as well, we also need to feed sheep to them in order to appease them. Moreover, we also have new obstacles. such as a laser wall that kills the sheep that try to cross it. Generally, the game is extremely good in throwing something new into the mix everytime things seem stale. What is more, even though the game has been out for a while now, new stages are still being added (the last one being World of Ruins, added to the game in early August).

Divide by Sheep is certainly a more casual game, and this is reflected through both its graphics and its music. The game’s graphics are sleek and simple, which means that while they are very pleasant to look at, they will never distract you from the game. Its music is relaxing and calm, letting you focus on the problems presented to you. The only issue I have with the music is that it got a bit repetitive at some points.

Another issue I have with the game lies in the customization available. Divide by Sheep was obviously made with mobile devices in mind, since there is zero customization for it. The only thing we can change is the game’s volume. There are no options for changing the graphics, or even getting the game into windowed mode. Apart from that, the game’s UI is a bit too big for my taste, as, again, it was made with mobile devices in mind.

Despite the above issues however, the game is easily the most fun I’ve had with a puzzle game in a long time. The absurd premise of the game compiled with some very engaging gameplay mean that Divide by Sheep will keep you entertained for many hours, even if you are not a big fun of puzzle games.

You can find Divide by Sheep on Steam for 5 euros.


Divide by Sheep is an addicting puzzle game with intuitive gameplay that will keep you entertained for quite a while. Combine that with the game’s low price and its humour you get quite the irresistible combination. 

+ Engaging, fun gameplay.

+ Relaxing music…

…That may get a tad repetitive.

Issues in the game’s technical sector and the UI.

Score: 8.4/10

– Philip “Snowchill” Alexandris

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