Distrust / Beholder at Gamescom 2016

Close to the Indie Arena Booth we found the company Alawar along with Evgeny Sister who was kind enough to walk us through the alpha demos of both of their games, Distrust and Beholder.

Talking about Distrust, Evgeny described it to us as a game that makes a mix of survival elements with roguelike ones in a sci-fi setting. The player is in control of a few people that are trying to survive in an environment where a disease has spread. The survivors are looking for that disease, which has the unique ability of turning any person’s fear and nightmare into a physical manifestation. “The more you sleep, the more you will have to face later,” explaiend Evgeny.

The team behind both the games is consisted of 12 people and the development for Distrust started back in March of 2016. “We are planning on releasing it in Q4 of 2016 or early in 2017, but first we need to beta test it a lot with the public,” noted Evgeny.

“We actually went through a lot of changes in the concept, for example, at first it was a game about trust between people who are locked in a bunker, but since then we moved on to a totally different thing.” Evgeny told us that people are liking the game thus far, so they are very excited to be showing it at Gamescom and getting so much feedback for it. “We came here to see what people think about it, and now that we saw the response, we are sure that we want to continue with it,” explained Evgeny.

We also got to check out Beholder which at first may seem like a very heavy-atmosphere type of game, but immediately you get into the feeling of it and you get to enjoy it lots. I personally only had the chance to play an alpha version of it, but even that got me excited about what I can expect from it in the future.

Beholder is reportedly a mix of strategy and adventure elements put into a game where the player plays a state installed manager. A civil servant, in some way, for a big rental house. Your main job is to basically spy on people and report them when they are doing things against the law.

The game has been in development since October of 2015 and the developers are planning to fully release it in October of 2016. “When we release, really depends on the feedback we will get from the beta of the game,” explained Evgeny. Talking about Early Access possibilities, Evgeny told us that the team has not decided yet on it but they definitely prefer a full release for now since they feel their games are not great for the Early Access way.

What you as an indie games player can do, is take part in the beta of the game and through doing that, you can get a free key for Distrust as well as for the other game that the company will be revealing in October. We strongly recommend you check out the games since we loved both of them when we tried them out at Gamescom 2016.

You can sign-up for the beta here!

For more news and updates about Beholder follow the game on official website, Facebook and Steam.

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