Discovery – Preview

Discovery is a intriguing adventure into the unknown. It’s put together with love, care and patience by SlickNickp and is currently out in on GameJolt with a planned steam release soon.

Our experience with Discovery, was one of clam serenity as we puttered across the landscape. Our metamorphosing vehicle shrinking and resizing to fit through tight spaces and between narrow gaps.

The main objective of the game is to find the 5 beacons that will create a portal back to our world. Scattered across the landscape you’ll come across many diverse environments and occasionally civilizations. At times Discovery can feel a bit disjointed with the multitude of idea’s not quite meshing together neatly. Yet the scenic experience of traversing the world with a relaxing soundtrack helps glosses over these problems.

Although yet to take steam by storm, Discovery is a unique base concept and we’re looking forward to it approaching steam in the future.

If Discovery has caught your interest you can check out ClarieBere’s stream of Discovery below:

Discovery can be found on Game Jolt for $9.99 USD or your regional equivalent here.

Thanks goes to SlickNickP for providing us with copies for this preview.

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