Dino Run DX Review

Pixeljam is bringing back the running fun in games with Dino Run DX. Well, this review will basically explain to you how fun it is being a dinosaur, in the game, running for its life. There is more to it than you would initially think.

Dino Run DX allows us to live the stress and anxiety that a dinosaur goes through while trying to run for its life during the apocalypse. It sounds very deep, I know, but the game basically allows you to run in one direction while trying to jump over obstacles and avoid all sorts of things in order to keep a maximum speed and avoid the oncoming apocalypse that is behind you. So, it can’t get any simpler than that.

The game is all pixel art (as you can see from the images and the trailer yourself) and it basically makes the game scream “simplicity” on all parts. Even the music has the same effect on the player. Despite that, the game has a lot of replayability though, because apart from the endless running and the tons of different obstacles, there are a lot of unlockables. Those come in the form of extra music tracks, effects in the game and various other things.

It’s quite important to note that from the very start, we are allowed to change the appearance of our dinosaur. We can do that either by equipping a hat (or more than that as you can see below, where I am sporting a Hyper Light Drifter attired) or changing the colour of our dinosaur. In order to unlock more things, we just need to collect more DNA which is used for improving our dinosaur’s attributes and eggs which are used for unlocking bonus content.

It is also quite important to mention that Dino Run DX is an upgrade to its predecessor which was a browser game that came out in 2007. The game received a lot of good feedback and thus Pixeljam decided to bring the full experience as a game on Steam. The game follows the crowdfunding path in order to keep itself updated and come up with new content for all the players. The official website of Dino Run DX has an option for players to support the game by donating money to the developers.

The game is overall quite nice to play, but eventually gets tiring. Unless you are a big fan of the genre, then I don’t see why you would come back to it after a week or two. The controls can be very annoying at times and that is also something that might annoy players who are not into the whole “play to master” kind of thing. The lack of challenge in the end-game can also put off hardcore running-game players too. The abundance of unlockable content may be one of the few reasons why you would want to play the game in the future too.

Dino Run DX is available on Steam for the price of 5,99 euro.


Dino Run DX may not be appealing to everyone, but whoever loves running games should honor the title and at least try it out, since you will surely love it for what it is. Even though it is a glorified version of its predecessor, Dino Run DX brings enough content to keep us busy for quite some time before we get tired of its sometimes clunky controls.

+ Same awesome gameplay that we know from its predecessor

+ Abundance of unlockable content

+ Good amount of replayability

 Controls feel a bit off sometimes

 Gets tiring in the end-game, despite the tons of content to unlock

Score: 6.3/10

– Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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