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Born in Ioannina, Greece back in 1983, Dimitris’ gaming memories start in the late 80s where he played Super Punch Out!, Kung Fu Master and Tehkan World Cup with his father at the local arcades. He started as a console gamer with an Atari 2600, then a Master System, a Mega Drive (he was a Sega fanboy, not afraid to admit it, Sega had blood on Mortal Kombat :P ), a Playstation 1 and finally a Pc, where he does all of his gaming to this day.

His love for movies, books and all mediums that tell a good story eventually drove him to check the adventure games of the golden era, back in the 90s, and that’s how he was hooked with the genre. His second favorite genre is RPG’s and jRPG’s (just so you know) and he still tells the story of how, back in 1997, he speedran the whole Final Fantasy VII game because he was bored of the battles, reached Sephiroth at lvl 25 and got destroyed.

The ability for gaming to create a world that can draw the player in, take him into an unforgettable trip and excite his imagination, is among the reasons that made Dimitris interested in it beyond the player experience. He is an active member of the RPG Maker forums and he created two short horror adventure games, Lethe’s Fate and The King In Yellow with the engine (he can’t program to save his life so he chose the easiest solution when it came to game developing). He wrote indie gaming articles and news for the biggest Greek gaming website, IGN Greece where he met the other cool kids of the block that make up Hyper Light Up.

Dimitris studied Application of Foreign Languages into Commerce and Business Administration. He resides in Germany where he works and learns the language. In his free time he composes and produces retro inspired electronic music (Synthwave, Dreamwave) under the artist name Dimi Kaye, takes part in collaborations with other artists, gets his second album ready for release and creates the soundtrack for a visual novel videogame. He lives by the words of the poet who wrote “Rhythm is a dancer, it’s a soul companion, you can feel it everywhere”.

What drove him into the Indie scene is the same thing that drove him into his favorite genre in the first place : the ability to take him into an unforgettable trip and excite his imagination. Dimitris believes that the artistic side of gaming can really be shown through Indie games. The restriction of resources only means the increase in resourcefulness and as a consequence the appearance of genre defining and defying games.

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I am mostly active on twitter and I check my mails quite often so, if you like to get in touch with me send me a message here: Twitter

E-mail me at: verigarsandman (at) gmail (dot) com

Dimitris’ role on Hyper Light Up is Main Social Media Manager, Editor and Author. Besides that you can check his other activities here:

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