Dimension Drive is coming to Nintendo Switch

Dimension Drive, a game we at Hyper Light Up had the chance to preview earlier in the year is coming to the Nintendo Switch. There’s a new nifty trailer to announce this too!

Dimension Drive is a space shooter that challenges your skills in entirely new ways. Play two games at once on this dual battlefield madness set on a comic book universe! Dimension Drive features single player, local co-op game modes. Unlock various weapons by finding secret data cubes in the levels and improve your arsenal for the ultimate fight.

Dimension Drive and its developers, 2Awesome, have certainly gone through a lot to get the game released, including changing jobs and two different kickstarters. Finally, the game will be fully released this fall, for PC and the Switch simultaneously. The game will also be in this year’s Gamescom where you can play it on the Switch yourself. Hyper Light Up will also be in Gamescom this year, so stay tuned for more!

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