Dimension Drive at Gamescom 2016

Yet another interesting indie game, Dimension Drive was amongst many others at the Indie Arena Booth of Gamescom 2016. We found David Jimenez, developer at 2Awesome Studio and talked to him after playing the game’s GC demo.

Dimension Drive is a Dual-Battlefield Shoot’em up with a teleportation mechanic. It seamlessly combines shooting and puzzle mechanics. Dimension Drive will teleport you into a comic book styled sci-fi space opera set in a multidimensional universe. The Ashajuls, a cruel multidimensional alien race, are attacking our universe. Fight as Jackelyne Tywood (a.k.a. Jack) in The Manticore, a legendary ship capable of teleporting across space and dimensions. Uncover the mysteries of your past and the origin of the Dimension Drives with your trusty friend and A.I., “V.E.R.A.”, at your side.

“Dimension Drive is basically a dual battlefield shoot-em-up game with the ability to teleport.” David told us that the game gets harder the more you progress through it, making it even seem like a puzzle game in some points due to the amount of thinking that has to go into solving those situations. It did feel like a trial and learn in some cases, but due to the limited amount of lives, it is quite punishing.

The game is story-driven and there is a story behind everything that happens in the game. There is also a multiplayer mode which is even harder than the single player due to the mayhem that is going on. The art-style is comic-book style and from what David told us, they tried to do somewhat the same as what Borderlands did and even during actual gameplay, they tried to approach that style because they “wanted to keep the comic feeling. We are just a bit more flashy and sci-fi.”

In April 2015, the company launched a Kickstarter which was successful, earning 37.000 $ with about 1.500 backers. The game is still in development since January 2015 and despite the issue that occured with a scammer near the end of the kickstarter campaign, the company managed to get back to it and actually crowdfund the project.

David said that they will continue releasing updates for all the backers that already have the game on Steam and they are hoping to finish the game within 2016 and then fully release the game in the first quarter of 2017.

You can learn more about Dimension Drive through the game’s Steam page and website. You can also follow the game’s creators on Twitter.

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