Dicey Dugeons – Preview

This week we has the opportunity to try out Dicey Dungeons. A colourful brain child of Terry Cavanagh. Brought to life with the support of Chipzel musical score & Marlowe Dobbe art design. The games current iteration, stands as a unique spin on the otherwise standard dungeon crawling experience.

The current Alpha we had the opportunity to test is version 15.1.
This version features 5 out of the 6 playable characters, each with varying playstyles and difficulty settings. A dungeon of 5 floors, 6 different boss monsters and mod support.

My first delve into Dicey Dungeons, was rather basic but enjoyable. The warrior was the easiest starting option, presenting you with basic dice rolling each turn, equipment options make up the vast majority of combat based
options. In contrast the second playthrough i went for the witch. Being the hardest character it plays severally different, requiring the player to utilize a spell book and chose between a limited selection of spell slots to slay enemies, while protecting themselves.

The art style and uplifting soundtrack are well done, bringing joy to the dungeon delving experience. It’s also well optimized, easy on your computer with no bugs in sight.


As a core concept Dicey Dungeons stands as enjoyable, unique and well priced experience. We can’t wait to see what horrors lay instore for our cursed hero’s in the full release!

If your curious to try Dicey Dungeons for yourself, you can try out an early version of the title here. If you get sucked into the experience, your able to Pre-Purchase Dicey Dungeons and play the full Alpha build here.

Dicey Dungeons, is scheduled to release onto the steam store early this year, here.

Special Thanks goes to Terry Cavanagh and his team, for sending us an early copy for this Preview.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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