Deru, the art of patience.

Deru is a deceptively simple puzzle game that dropped on steam this week from our friends at ink kit. At first glance it appears to be nothing more than a cute mobile game, ported to PC to try and expand, but upon further inspection I was surprised at how deep the rabbit hole goes.

With 70 mind bending puzzles, this game incorporates the art of couch play and communication. You and your partner will struggle to protect one another from the dreaded colours, as they would seek to destroy you. Or perhaps, you’d like to attempt these on your own? Deru provides an experience for everyone, with an extensive and challenging multitasking option for the single player audience, too.

A controller is recommended for optimal player experience; however it isn’t a necessity to play. I have found, personally, that the music flow lends itself to a joystick. I recommend trying this first, but see what works for you and go with the flow.

When you first start puzzle solving in Deru the concepts seem easy, blocking simple streams of black and white with triangles, you slowly ascend the first 16 levels solving complex patterns and timed movements with relative ease. Moving from world 1 Faith to world 2 Courage, however, is a more intriguing task as new shapes abilities and concepts are introduced with each passing world, coming to a spear tip in world 5 Dependence.

Deru sports a very unusual way of playing online multiplayer. For those interested, you can find the link to the instructions below.

The Verdict

Deru is a real treat if you want to unwind after a long day or enjoy a bit of head scratching puzzles with your friends. I would highly recommend you pick this game up right away if you’re a fan of puzzles, the value is astounding.

Deru is 14.99 USD or your regional equivalent
Deru: online multiplayer instructions
Thanks to the folks at ink kit, who supplied us with a copy for this review.

+ Co-op Puzzle game

+ Smooth and relaxing gameplay with good music

+ Challenging for solo players

+ Snappy controls

Score: 7.4/10

~Aaron Nicholls

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