Deliver Us The Moon at Gamescom 2016

Once again, after seeing them at Gamescom 2015, we found Keoken Interactive with their game Deliver Us The Moon and had the chance to both try out the GC demo as well as talk to the guys behind the awesome space game.

It’s the year 2069 when almost all of the resources of our planet are reaching their limits. Deliver us the Moon is a space survival/exploration game which puts us in the boots of an astronaut of the Worldwide Space Agency (WSA), whose mission is to explore the moon and conduct research which might save humanity from extinction.

Paul Deetman, one of the developers behind Deliver Us The Moon, briefly explained to us that the game is an atmospheric space adventure with the main goal of the developers being to bring an atmospheric exploration experience for the player. “This year we are at Gamescom to celebrate the community of the game. It is pretty big in Germany and we have dedicated this booth to our fans,” said Paul.

The studio is comprised of about 12 people plus a few interns that come and go from time to time. They do also have a concept artist that reportedly works really sporadically with the rest of the team. The game has been in development for about a year now and Keoken is planning to release it sometime next year. “We will be releasing it in episodes,” explained Paul.

Apparently the studio talked to its publisher and was told to postpone it and besides that, they also do not want to go to Early Access but instead fully release it when it’s ready. “We are looking at early 2017,” said Paul and continued to explain about how they were aiming to get the players to feel the atmospheric element of the game through the demo at Gamescom 2016. “We want you to have that lonely feeling. We did unfortunately cut out the launch-into-space part in the start of the demo, because for a games conference it was just too long.”

The developers all said they are very happy with how Gamescom 2016 is going for them and said that they have been signing all sorts of stuff, received chocolate and cookies with the studio’s logo on it and generally experienced lots of really exciting community situations.

You can find more information about Deliver us the Moon on its Steam Greenlight Page, its official website, on Kickstarter and on Indiedb. You can also follow the developers on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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