Deep Rock Galactic at Gamescom 2017

During Gamescom 2017, inside the Sweden Game Arena, we found the developers behind the lately-all-over-the-news indie game, Deep Rock Galactic. Was it worth the hype that we have been seeing everywhere? Well, yes, and we will tell you why.

We had the chance to try out a little bit of the game together with one of the developers that guided us throughout the experience and despite the game not being complete yet, we enjoyed it a lot. We of course had a chance to afterwards talk with Mikkel Martin Pedersen who is the game director.

Mikkel told us about the studio and how it was founded back in April of 2016 by six people who were part of a studio that worked for Microsoft in the past. We asked them if they get the question about the game looking too much like Minecraft and they told us that they do, but also that they answer with “it’s Minecraft, but without the crafting.”

Not only that though, since Deep Rock Galactic a lot more than just that.

“We wanted to do a co-op game without too much shooting,” Mikkel explained and then he told us about how the game is actually quite objective based but still makes use of procedural generation in order to always keep it interesting, no matter how many times you have played it. “The term procedural generation is used a lot and in many ways, making it confusing to understand lately,” said Mikkel, telling us how this mechanic in the game is used to boost each mission’s interesting parts up to the point where you actually end up at your objective. “We control much of the experience,” he told us.

The studio’s plans at the moment are to release the game around Q1 of 2018 for both Steam and Xbox One consoles. For the moment, they are travelling from event to event, trying to build up some hype and their next stop is going to be PAX West.

The studio slowly grew and secured some investmenet and at the moment they said that they are going to continue being open about the development of the game and will be opening the Closed Alpha for it on the 28th of August.

You can find the game on Steam and wishlist it already. You can also find the development team on their facebook and twitter pages.

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