Death Road to Canada Anniversary and Update

Death Road To Canada is celebrating its one year anniversary and for that reason has released an update with quite a few new things for the game. You can of course see all of the plans that the development studio has for the update here through their announcement.

In summary, the update will feature the following:

Big Features

– Lots of new music! The soundtrack has more than doubled!
– Big revamp to all the fire weapons.
– New lighting system with darker darkness
– Flashlights
– New barricading system! Furniture and characters can be used to reinforce doors.
– New system for AI followers using thrown weapons
– New Rare Trading Camp system! Contains Hidden Laboratory, Ye Olden Renaissance Faire, and Swole Mountain: THE place u get SWOLE[tm]

Major Content

– Over 40 new weapons!
– 11 new recruitable special characters!
– 4 new traders added for the normal Trading Camps
– 10 new cheevos (8 for this update, 2 for America Day/Canada Day)
– 9 new location events: Burning Building, Pig Farm, Ghost Mansion, Frozen Forest, and more!


– Weed Whacker added
– Scientific Doodad/Teleporter
– Pirate Ship Cannon
– Chicken Eggs that turn into chickens
– Deployable friendly robots
– Calvalry Sabre
– Halberd
– Automated turrets
– And a lot more

Little Content

– New heads and hairstyles for random and custom characters!
– New Fireproof trait
– Spooky ghosts you can kiss (*^ – ^*)
– Ghosts have real ghost sounds

Tweaks and Fixes

– Propane tanks now fly around before exploding
– Jerks that you temporarily recruit will now leave their weapons/food/jars of peanut butter/so on in your trunk before they take off
– Too Swole 2 Control characters can now lift refrigerators if they completely max out their strength potential.
– Things carried by humans can no longer get hit by allies, for easier throwing of chairs
– Many more!

Also, next to all that, if you like sapient, weapon-carrying dogs, you can buy a Death Road shirt featuring them! Order them here.

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