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Historical fashion for 2016 is officially WWI because of two main reasons, those being the release of Verdun in consoles and of course the upcoming release of Battlefield 1 that took a completely different turn from its natural rival, Call of Duty. Even though WWI is a pretty nice setting to play, we as gamers have enjoyed more WWII, a setting that even today is being brought to life by new games like Day of Infamy, which is in the frontlines of our preview.

To be honest, Day of Infamy for us and many fps fans is not an unknown game. At first it was a mod for New World Interactive’s creation, Insurgency and now the same developer offers it as a standalone title. Day of Infamy brings the Insurgency experience into a WWII setting but with enough alterations. There are three modes – multiplayer, cooperative and singleplayer and all three of them focus on objective based missions instead of typical modes like deathmatch that we find in other fps games.

The modes in each category usually have to do with capture and defence of certain points that, besides getting us close to victory, they play a very important role for our team. That role has to do with reinforcements. In every successful capture our reinforcements increase but if the opposing team captures a point, then they decrease. Reinforcements are in some way “chances” that allow us to continue into the game until the end and every one of those chances can bring back in battle our dead soldiers. In case we run out of soldiers and reinforcements, then defeat awaits with open arms.

If we want to prevail against our enemies, as players we can choose between three armies – U.S., Wehrmacht and Commonwealth, with each function including their respective soldier classes. The availlable classes for every function are : Officer, Rifleman, Assault, Engineer, Support, Machinegunner, Sniper. Each class besides the available slots that players can join has a certain number of primary and secondary weapons, as well as other objects that can help us build a combination that serves our playstile in battle. We need to make sure that those combinations and our playstyle corresponds with each map we play, and in this respect Day of Infamy does a fine job. Even though there are only a handful of maps in the Early Access form of the game, each one of them follows the Insurgency mentality, combining close and long distance battles. Besides the battle style, maps are adapted to host other game modes, bringing great familiarity to players who know each map by heart.

We analyzed the basic concepts of Day of Infamy, now it’s time for the meat of the game, and that is none other than the experience that it hopes to offer to a player. All of us Insurgency veterans know that the name of the game is realism. Basically, both games by New World Interactive have different theaters of war but the logic behind the gameplay is the same. Players spawn in a war field without minimaps to guide them, no kill notifications and even better, when you die you don’t know where the bullet came from. The only thing we as players know is our objectives, the time we have and the reinforcements that keep us hanging on while we fight for victory trying at the same time to stay alive and discover our enemies’ position.

There are no second chances, spy planes and other facilitations that we got used from other games in multiplayer modes. Natural instinct and fear play a huge part in Day of Infamy’s main experience and it manages completely to bring the moments we loved from the mode we played in Insurgency to a standalone title. Even the moments we got killed by our teammates – because let’s not forget, some vices carry on still. There were no negatives in the game as far as performance or design goes. The only negative is that not many people play at the moment and that’s to be expected because the game is still fresh on Steam. At least the known Insurgency players pay a visit.

To conclude, if you are a player who loved Insurgency’s mod and was looking for something more, then your wait is over. On the other hand, if you are new in New World Interactive’s games and you are searching for a game with pure realism in battles and more importantly in the feelings that will take you over (adrenaline, fear and more), then you found the game you are looking for.

You can find Day of Infamy on Steam at the price of 17.99€

-Vasilis “Eniantas” Kamakaris

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