Daath Origins is landing on Steam

One thing I absolutely love about indies and their establishment in the gaming scene is how they give the chance to so many people of different ways of life to create a game that will be played by thousands. Case in point, Daath Origins, which will be released on Steam in about two weeks, September 15 to be exact. The entire game is made by one person, a 33-year old science-fiction loving father/programmer by the name of Jeff Quindlen, under the company name Black Lodge Games. Amazing, isn’t it?

The game is set about a millenia in the future, where humanity has been enslaved by an alien race. However, there is hope. We play the role of a starship captain who carries about a million people inside his ship. Our role is to establish society once again and strike back against the aliens.

As you can see in the slightly weird and creepy trailer above, the game is full of features. To be more specific, it includes: a massive 36-sector galaxy, 500 handcrafted planets, over 75 playable quests and seemingly infinite strange encounters with spatial anomalies, black holes, criminals and more. The game forces you to make tough choices, choosing between angering your men or finding out more about the threats around you. Apart from exploring, Daath Origins also makes you act like a captain, requiring you to promote people, mine for resources and conduct diplomacy.

Overall, Daath Origins looks like a very appealing Space RPG and we at Hyper Light Up will certainly check it out. If you want to take a look at it yourself, you can visit the game’s Steam Page, website, Twitter and Facebook.


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