Cultist Simulator – The Expeditions Rework

Today we checked back in with Cultist Simulator to find that the Weather Factory has been working hard.
Their first major update from the Christopher Build has dropped recently and we decided to take another look.


Those of you who visited us back in November, will remember we covered a review of Cultist Simulator and it’s post DLC state. The main drawbacks we encountered being it’s frustrating RNG as well as limited resources, these resulted in alot of unexpected difficult and repeated playthroughs.

There newest release aims to fix these lingering issues with new and exciting expeditions, each of the six new expeditions, now has a set amount of rewards to cut down on your need to grind resources, The final expedition now also has intentional repeatable rewards for players.

This change to the game, will make it a far less frustrating experience, although there is concern it will decrease replayability in the long run. The second piece of the Christopher Build coming in January, will feature apostle legacies and Major Victories to remedy this factor.

For more information on the Christopher Build and Cultist Simulators upcoming updates you can visit there road map here.

In the meantime, we’ve got a cult to run!


If your interested to know more about Cultist Simulator, you can check out our past coverage here.

Cultist Simulator is available for $28.95 Australian or your regional equivalent on steam here.

Culist Simulator’s Dancer DLC is also available on steam for $4.50 Australian or your regional equivalent here.

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