Cubiverse at Gamescom 2016

During Gamescom 2016, we also found Ludumus with their game Cubiverse. We found Michael Sixt, one of the 3D designers working for Ludumus and we had a chat about the game after playing it.

“The game is a fun puzzler for all ages and fans who just love rubik’s cube.”

Cubiverse in a browser based (no installation) multi-player sandbox game created by James Hunter, and inspired by MineCraft, Infiniminer, 3D construction kit and various others.

You can either play user created game worlds or create your own worlds from scratch or by cloning existing maps (if the author allows it). Worlds are built through an in-game editor which allows you to terraform the environment and add javascript code to cubes, entities, mobs and even control the weather.

The team behind it has also told us that we can expect more towards Q1 of 2017. “Some of us have full-time jobs now, so that is not helping either.”

During Gamescom 2016, the developers showed a demo with 22 levels and told us that it is a good representation of how the final game is going to be like.

You can play the game here and check its wiki for more info.

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