Cosmic Kites Gamescom 2017 Interview

Cosmic Kites is a colourful and energetic local multiplayer game where the players control animal spirits, trying to wipe each other out in order to be the last man standing. With rapid moves and split-second decisions, use your tail and an array of offensive and defensive power-ups, such as the energy beam or the spiked shield, in order to turn your opponents into a rain of exploding particles.

The game is developed by Fishmoose Interactive.

We had the chance to talk to Alexander and Tobias, the two developers behind the game, who were located at the Business Hall, at the Swiss Game Arena. The studio started back in 2013, in Sweden, and since then the game has gone through a lot of testing and prototyping.

The team was apparently working on another game that had won them a prize as well in the past, before deciding to go on to work on something that would become Cosmic Kites. “We were stuck and we really needed to do something else,” they explained. It took more than just a month and after a major rehaul of the aesthetics, the game came to be what Cosmic Kites is now.

The game is planned to come out on the 7th of September on Steam and on the Humble Store.

For more info on the game, you can check out its Steam page and Facebook page.

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