CoffeeTalk – The Midnight Cafe Preview

Coffee Talk is another new game made by Toge Productions. Another intriguing piece of creativity, making its drop sometime during 2019. We managed to get our hands on the beta build this week and decided to bring you a side of opinions, with a serving of late night coffee of course.

Coffee Talk is a dialog heavy story driven experience, you play as your own boss and barrister, running your self-employed late-night coffee shop. What makes this game different from others in its category, such as the cyber filled bar of Va-11 Hall-a or the clay filled red strings club, is the comfortable harbor in the storm, during the late-night hours that Coffee Talk provides for its compatriots.

The second twist is the characters, this time its present day in the year 2020 and magical beasts are common place. Orcs, elves, trolls, succubus etc. live out their daily business lives, all dropping by your establishment to vent about their stressful lives.

The stories themselves promise to be an interesting affair. After the play through today, (without spoiling anything) I’m inclined to believe them on this promise. The soundtrack for this game is also rather relaxing, adding subtle ambiance to the atmosphere with sixteen tracks already loaded to the beta build, for your listening pleasure.

If you have a spare evening to relax to an astonishing surprise. Coffee Talk is my recommendation for all of you interactive readers, be careful though, the drinks you chose might change the story, for better or worse. Hopefully we will soon revisit the cafe during 2019.

Coffee Talk is available currently in beta version on steam here.

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