Code 7 Gamescom 2017 Interview

After a horrible accident, Oriens Station on Mars is under lockdown. Team up with the journalist Zoya to send out a distress signal. Gather information, navigate, talk and hack your way through the station to save the crew… but beware of the monsters that lurk in the dark. They will find you.

Code 7 is developed by GoodWolf Studio. To get you primed for the Interview, Hyper Light Up already reviewed both episodes. You can find Episode 0 here and Episode 1 here.

We already have Code 7 in recent memory since we reviewed it one and a half weeks ago, so if you want to learn more about the game, just follow the links above. When we heard that the developers from GoodWolf Studio will be at Gamescom, we didn’t miss the chance to talk a bit more about the game. We had the pleasure of talking with Zein Okko and learned that thankfully the reception of the game was very good. They were at Gamescom to bring attention to the new episode, since the last one was released a year ago.

He told us that an inspiration for the mechanic of the game was the old spy movies, where the handler would give instructions to the hero through an earpiece. They wanted to let players take the role of the handler that guide the characters. We saw how the world became a bit bigger in scope through the two episodes and we were happy to learn that each of the next episodes will be a bit more epic.

Thankfully we won’t have to wait long since they are planning of releasing the next episode in six months, at the beginning of 2018. We also learned that GoodWolf already have a good idea about their next project. It will not be an adventure like Code 7 but it will be story driven. We won’t see it anytime soon though, since the developers are focusing on Code 7 at the moment.

If you are visiting Gamescom in Cologne make sure to drop by the Code 7 booth, you might win a gift bag with goodies from the game.

You can check the game’s Steam Page and website for more.

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