Code 7 Episode 0 : Allocation Review

In the future, humanity has found the first planet beyond our galaxy to be able to sustain life. The name of the planet, Gershwin 610 B. A team of scientists were sent to prepare the interstellar settling program, creating Schroediger station. Unfortunately, the station has gone dark and stopped reporting some months ago.

You are Alex, the hacker of a two member team who was sent to the station to investigate and bring spare parts in case the sattelites were broken down. The game begins as your systems reboot after some accident you had. You cannot move but you manage to communicate with your teammate, Sam. She is trapped in a room but safe. Your goal, since you are connected to the system, is to find each other and uncover what happened to the station.

I will not continue further storywise, because it is better when you found out by yourself what happened in the station. What is important to note has to do with gameplay. In the game, you control Alex, but you can’t move around. You are connected to the system so you will be able, through the game, to find maps, unlock doors, hack systems, solve puzzles, with the goal to help Sam navigate the station and find you.

If you read “next generation text adventure” in the description of the game and were wondering about how different can Code 7 be from other text adventures, then you are in for a big surprise. The interface runs like an MS-DOS system and you will punch commands to do everything you need to. Do you need to find the password for a door for example? Then you will have to ask your friend Sam about the door ID, then go into the database, do a search with the ID, find the code, override the door and finally unlock it. All of the above might sound complex, but they definitely aren’t.

The game manages not to throw at you many puzzles and things to interact at the same time so you will do everything intiutively. You definitely don’t need to know how to code, the commands are very logical and easy to remember. Even more, the developers have made them in that way that they auto-complete. So everything is fast and you will find no problem with the interface. They become a second nature fast, that you actually focus on the puzzles and not about which command you have to punch in the network.

The game has a lot of text, and to combat the tiredness that might happen from all the reading, the developers have added full voice acting. Everything the characters say is acted beautifully, it helps to make the experience more movie-like and also helps build a more alive world. Moreover, you will be able to open a map that shows the rooms that you visit, and your friend Sam as a dot in that map. That visual addition helps even more with the whole experience, helps bring the player even more inside the world, it makes the game immersive.

Code 7 Episode 0 was created by the developers to help with their Kickstarter campaign. It is an experience that lasts close to 1 hour but it definitely feels like lasting more than that. I started and finished the game in one sitting but I felt like I was playing for hours. I believe that has to do with the well written story, the voice acting, the mechanics of the game and that the ending offers a form of closure to the story. There will be 5 episodes but even Episode 0 feels and actually is, a complete game. I know many developers who would charge for this experience, but Code 7 Episode 0 is free for everyone. Goodwolf studio want you to first try their idea and then decide if you want to support their Kickstarter. My oppinion? It’s not often that you will find such a well rounded gaming experience out there for free.

The only negatives I found are the voice acting of SOLI is not that good and does not compare to Sam’s, and there was a puzzle near the end with some robots that became a bit more difficult than it should be, because of the need to go back and forth in the communication mode. Both of these negatives though do not hinder the game in any way that matters.

If you want to download the free Episode 0 and also learn more about Goodwolf studio’s ideas for the next episodes, then visit their Kickstarter campaign and if you feel like it, consider supporting.


Code 7 Episode 0 is a great way to begin a Kickstarter campaign. The story is very interesting, the mechanics are easy to learn and don’t drag the gameplay down, instead they compliment it, the voice acting is beautiful and makes the world more immersive, and all of the above you get for free. My only negatives were with the voice acting of a character and with a certain puzzle, but they are both miniscule and do not take away from the whole experience. The description “Next generation text adventure” definitely fits Code 7. Can’t wait for the next episodes.


+Voice acting



+It’s free

SOLI’s voice acting

The puzzle near the end with the robots

Score : 9/10

Dimitris “Dimi Kaye” Kalyvas

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