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This time we have the case of one of those games that get you in the “one more try/level” mindset. Oh my, this game is addictive. Landfall’s latest title, Clustertruck is here to steal your time, your productivity and slay your cat. In its essence, Clustertruck is a game about jumping from one truck to another until your reach the goal point, but there is a lot more to it than the eye meets. Put on your seatbelts (not) and get ready for intense aerial maneuvers.

The game starts off with you on the top of a truck alongside other trucks. There are more trucks in front of you, and even more ahead. There are many trucks in this game. So, as any normal person you start jumping from truck to truck until you either reach the goal or end up roadkill (there is no graphic content in this game sadly). The first levels are easy, way too ease, for the horrors that are to be unleashed upon you while you progress. Probably, you’ll progress through the first few levels easily and get a slap in the face later on, but that’s just me.

If you think there no hope for you, try purchasing a power or two. Powers such as double jump, grappling hook, jetpack, the ability to slow down time or to spawn more trucks at will. Most of them need some time to recharge, but can save you in very tough levels. Most of the time, however, you won’t need a specific power, since all of them can help you get through obstacles in one way or another. Just don’t forget to do some nifty tricks while in the air.

The levels are divided thematically. There are levels set in a snowy landscape, while other are set in futuristic cities with gravity defying contraptions. You will find yourself riding through medieval castles with flamethrowers and swinging hammers, Mordor-esque wastelands with lasers that insta-kill you and more. All settings are very well designed and the constant renewing of mechanics, since each theme features its own traps and quirks, keeps the game fresh even after a while. It is known that I love when the design of a game is minimalistic and low-poly and this only adds to my list of pros for Clustetruck.

If it wasn’t made clear in the first paragraph, this game is addictive. You will often find yourself playing that one “one more level” or trying one more time. This is due to the fact that there almost no downtime between the attempts. If you fail, you press a button and you start again. What is more, with all these powers available you will want to achieve the most outstanding run on some of the “cooler” levels. And if you are one of those who like leaderboards, prepare for a big challenge. I mean, how is it possible to beat a level in 3 seconds?!

And if all that wasn’t enough, Landfall included in the package a level editor where you can design your own levels, on a somewhat friendly UI and share them with the world. Of course, you can also play other people’s custom made levels.

The point where, to my opinion, the game falls a little bit short, is in the collisions. It was often that I found myself falling though trucks near the edges, or being able to stand on their sides and while this helped me complete several levels, I believe it is not intentional. I understand that in such a fast-paced game, which pushes and squishes the models it is very difficult to pin down the collisions perfectly, but I think is fair to it point it out since I had been noticing it the whole time as I was playing.

You can find Clustertruck on Steam for 14,99€.


Clustertruck is a fresh game about jumping from one truck to another, while avoiding obstacles and doing tricks midair. Use powers to beat harder levels and create your own in the easy-to-use level editor and share them with the world. With a very pleasant art-style, Clustertruck has definitely won a place in my favourites.

Score: 9/10
+ Solid gameplay
+ Pleasant artstyle
+ Level editor
Problematic collisions

Dimitris “Onel” Zarachanis

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    […] at Hyper Light Up, we thoroughy enjoyed ClusterTruck, with Onel giving it a 9/10 in his review. The game also offers a 20% discount today, so now might be a perfect time to grab it. You can find […]

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