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Tomorrow (8th of November) we are bound to see yet another very interesting indie puzzle game enter the libraries of that awesome genre. The game we are talking about, is none other than Circles, which was developed by Jeroen Wimmers.

The game’s soft-launch is to happen tomorrow on The Dutch developer told us that the game will fully launch on Steam┬áin the early months of 2017. The soft-launch serves the purpose of allowing the players to get a look into the game and also to help the developer find any sort of minor bugs and issues that may still exist within the game. You can already find the game through its page on!

We found the indie puzzle developer during Gamescom 2016 and not only did we try his fun and abstract game, but he also told us a few things about his game through a small interview that we had with him.

Stay tuned for more news on the official release date of Circles.

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