Circles at Gamesom 2016

During Gamescom 2016, we had the chance to talk with Jeroen Wimmers. Jeroen was showcasing his game Circles which he told us has been developing for 3 years, and still has about 5% left to develop.

As explained by himself, Circles is an abstract puzzle game where you experiment a lot by moving around your mouse. It presents itself without any text or tutorial and asks you to experiment. By simply moving the mouse, you’ll explore the game and its puzzles. Every puzzle provides something new and will challenge you in various ways. No matter the age, language or gaming experience, Circles can be played by anyone. It provides an intuitive and even Zen-like experience.

Jeroen told us that he got into developing games after making his very first flash game (in 2010 or so). “I just knew after that this is what I wanted to do.” He studied game development at Hilversum in the Netherlands (part of the HKU). He has worked in the past on Westerado but after a while he left in order to create his own game.

“The game has no instructions and it’s very much heavy on the design part. The hardest part was definitely making it intuitive for players,” said Jeroen when asked about development difficulties. “It feels like a game that was made in a month but it took way more than that.”

 The Circles will be available on Steam.

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  1. November 7, 2016

    […] and not only did we try his fun and abstract game, but he also told us a few things about his game through a small interview that we had with him. Stay tuned for more news on the official release date of Circles. […]

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